The butterflies featured here are the most beautiful and spectacular in the world. Their iridescent beauty (hard to capture on film) are displayed to full advantage in these crystal clear acrylic panels where all aspects of these breathtaking butterflies can be viewed. Most panels are freestanding but come with a wall mount fitting.

We welcome you to experience the beauty and serenity that comes from ownership of a custom made one of a kind piece of nature.
Your host and artist is Dalia, who for years has risen steadily to the top of her field combining a life long passion for butterflies and nature, into works of art that are directly from the heart.
Please view our website with the knowledge that these butterflies come from all over the world and all have enjoyed their full life expectancy. As a matter of fact, it is good for the environment as collecting these beautiful creatures on the floor of the lush tropical rainforests and harvesting them is a way for indigenous peoples to earn money, which they use to protect their lands from big corporations and logging companies.